Accessibility Statement

Dóchas is committed to providing the very best of service in all areas, including having this website as accessibility friendly as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there are any issues which restrict your access to the site. Those viewers who use a screen reader may find useful the access keys listed below.

Larger Text

Those who prefer to read larger text may adjust the text size using the browser controls. In most modern browsers, pressing Ctrl+ will increase the text size, and Ctrl- will reduce it.

If you are using an older version of Internet Explorer, a similar thing can be accomplished using the browser menu: go to View > Text Size > Larger / Largest

Style Sheets

The Dóchas website uses cascading style sheets for visual layout. This ensures that content is perfectly linearised and improves performance on a wide range of browsers and other user agents. If your browser or browsing device does not support style sheets at all, the content of each page is still readable.

However, if the design colours or layout present a problem, the style sheet can be turned off.

  • In Netscape this can be done using View > Page Style > No Style options
  • In Firefox this can be done using View > Page Style > No Style options
  • In Internet Explorer go to Tools > Internet Options > Accessibility and select checkboxes to ignore colours, styles and sizes options.

Standards Compliance

Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional

Dóchas aspires to comply to recognised web standards, and as a first step, endevours to validate as XHTML 1.0 Transitional. Already, the vast majority of pages on this site have been updated to conform to this standard. The W3C logo above appears in the footer of most pages, and clicking on it will independently validate the page.

Furthermore, pages on the Dóchas website are created using structured, semantic markup, making it easier for reading aids to navigate the content.

Access Keys

Most browsers allow the use of access keys as shortcuts to important links on a page. The Dóchas website defines several such shortcuts. To use them, press ALT + access key on Windows (Control + access key on Macintosh). In Firefox browser, you may also have to hold down the SHIFT key. The access keys on the Dóchas site are listed below:

  • Access Key + 1 - Home Page
  • Access Key + 2 - Contact
  • Access Key + 3 - Search Box
  • Access Key + 0 - Accessibility Statement

Please note that the access keys only activate elements. For example, pressing ALT + 2 on a Windows PC will activate the 'Contact' link. To follow the link, press 'Return'.

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