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Dóchas has a large and growing membership, diverse in focus and size and from across the island of Ireland. Dóchas' strength comes from this diversity of perspectives applied to a shared set of values and aims. 


Organisations are eligible to join Dóchas as Full Members if they meet the Full Member Membership Criteria (PDF), which include:

  • Work in international development (projects, education, emergency aid or volunteer sending).
  • Headquartered in Ireland, (or, the Irish branch has substantial powers of decision-making in its own right, including control and disposal of funds and appointment of personnel).
  • Have been established in Ireland for at least two years comply with Dóchas policies and criteria for membership



Membership Fees

Dóchas Full Membership fees are calculated on the basis of total domestically generated voluntary income of each Member, including income generated from special appeals and designated for special purposes or areas.  Full Membership fees are calculated on the basis of the latest figures available.

Voluntary IncomeAnnual
(Minimum) (Maximum)
€0 €100,000 €250
€100,000 €1,000,000 0.25% of Vol. Income
€1,000,000 €1,250,000 €2,500
€1,250,000 €1,500,000 €3,000
€1,500,000 €2,000,000 €3,500
€2,000,000 €3,000,000 €4,000
€3,000,000 €5,000,000 €4,500
€5,000,000 €7,500,000 €5,000
€7,500,000 €10,000,000 €7,500
€10,000,000 €25,000,000 €15,000
€25,000,000 €50,000,000 €25,000
  • All Dóchas Full Members are required to submit annual Audited Accounts to Dóchas, clearly showing their voluntary income figure by 30th June each year.  These will serve as the basis for the calculation of membership fees due for that year. 
  • Following receipt of the Audited Accounts Full Members will be billed.
  • Fees must be paid within 30 days of the date on which the invoice was issued.

Defining Domestically Generated Voluntary Income

The term domestically generated voluntary income is taken to include all Ireland (Republic and Northern Ireland) income from public sources, including bank interest, funds received under the Charity Tax Incentive Scheme, income from shops, net income generated by volunteers travelling abroad, grants from all Third World Funds as well as from Trusts, Foundations and other funding bodies.  The definition excludes income from the EU, governments, members own parent bodies, non-domestic NGOs and other Dóchas members. 

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