Development Education

What is Development Education?

Development Education is about increasing people's awareness and understanding of global issues and of the interdependence of different countries and parts of the world in relation to those issues. In particular, it is about what sustains under-development and what is needed to reach and sustain more equal development. It is an education based on reflection, analysis and action at local and global level.

In other words, Development Education:

  • is an educational process;
  • concerned with knowledge and understanding of issues
  • relating to global poverty;
  • oriented towards analysis as well as action, on multiple levels;
  • aimed at social justice.

Who Does What?


Seminar: “Added-Values: promoting long-term public engagement in development” 

The Dóchas Development Education Group (DEG) organised a National Seminar funded by DEEEP/Dóchas on “Added-Values: promoting long-term public engagement in development”. The event took place on Thursday 2 June in the Mansion House, Dublin.


DEG conference 111

 Martin Kirk (Far left) with the Seminar organisers (more photos here)

(The seminar was organised with the financial support of the European Union. The content is the sole responsibility of Dóchas and can in no way be taken as reflecting the views of the European Union)


Relevant Documents


Conference: "The Use of Images and Messages: A Human Rights Issue!" (14-15 July 2010, Dublin Castle)



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